C H A N G E.

Awhile back, I was eating lunch with a friend where we found ourselves reminiscing on the past year and how crazy it had been. This lead us to start making predictions about where we would be and what we would be doing in a years time. My friend started to panic and started telling me about how much the thought of change scared her. I asked her why and she started to explain how she is so comforted by the idea of always having the same routine. And I understand where she is coming from completely..


So lately I’ve been doing A LOT of thinking about A LOT of things but i’ve been mostly thinking about this summer and what I want to come out of it. So I decided to make a list of goals that I want to accomplish this season and honestly, it just made me so much more excited. Like the thought of summer literally just makes me want to jump around because I am just SO. FREAKING. EXCITED.

Why Am I Here?

Lately, I have found myself constantly trying to figure out why I’m in a certain place, doing certain things, with certain people. And lately, I’ve also found out that sometimes we won’t ever actually know the reasoning behind why God leads us to new places, or even old places. And, that’s ok.