He is in the waiting

I am yours but we are His.

For all of you hopeless romantics out there, this one is for you. My name is Sheridan Foody.  I am a hopeless romantic who has dreamed of a 1920’s old school romance for as long as I can remember. Delaney is fasting social media so I decided to hijack her blog. I never in a billion years would have thought I would be sharing these thoughts with anyone.. but people’s words and testimonies have strengthened my walk immensely. So here is to doing the things we never thought we would do.

As I listen to Perfect by Ed Sheeran and type this up, I realize that nothing in my life has ever made more perfect sense than these words. The word that the Holy Spirit has whispered to me so many times, “Wait”.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I would get it. All of the heartache and late nights spent thinking “when will I get my turn” finally making sense. After years of seeing my siblings and friends fall head over heels for guy after guy, I now understand what the Lord was saving me for… Him. He is in the Waiting.

About two months ago, the Lord wrecked me in a way I never imagined. I encountered Him in a way I didn’t even know was possible, and everything I had in my life was quickly gone, leaving just He and I. What started the greatest love story I could ever have imagined. What the Lord had protected my heart from all these years was so that my first love could be with Him. An unmeasurable, never ending love. You see once you encounter the Lord’s presence, there is no going back. The peace, joy, and strength you feel when in the presence of the Lord is just so overwhelming.

Now, just imagine a relationship that stands firm in the word of the Lord. Unstoppable.

Never did I think I would be 20 years old and being able to say that I haven’t had an actual boyfriend and have never been in love. You may call me old school but I’ve always dreamed of a drop-anything, do-anything kind of love. The kind my grandparents have. My best friend. The 2 a.m. dancing in the kitchen to Michael Buble and laugh until you cry love. A love with a passion so strong people look at it and think “wow they are so in love.” Yes, I’ve felt and i’ve had heartaches from a few boys along the way, but I always knew there was something I was waiting for. Waiting to give my everything to my husband. I’ve pictured it in my head since I was little. I think that is why I’ve always felt like it was so important to never date just to date. But, I now realize it was because I never knew what to look for. The Lord was protecting me from myself, because as His daughter, He envisioned a love so much bigger than what my heart was searching for.

It’s crazy because everything that used to be important to me in a man is polar opposite to what is now. It was a spot on an MLB team, so that I could watch my man play baseball with my kids as they grow up. I mean, just picture it. Sounds like heaven, right? And as long as they tried to go to church, on Sundays during off season, I was a happy girl.

But never once did my heart long for those long talks about what God had done and what we wanted to see Him do in our lives. A relationship that could change the lives of others. I was looking for a love that would have never left me satisfied because I hadn’t found my identity in Christ yet. The only identity that I was created for.

That being said, all of this was until a few months ago. When I encountered the Lord’s presence and His immeasurable love. I didn’t realize that the Lord is never going to decide one morning that it’s no longer interested, or unforgiving for the times I screw up. And that is when it hit me, our love and relationships on earth should be a reflection of His love for us. Before this, I had never thought twice about what is most important in who I want my future husband to be. But man, oh man has the Lord changed my perspective on what I look for in a man. Now, when looking for love, I realize that there is nothing more attractive and important than a God-fearing man. A man that goes to the word of God before the world. A man who realizes that his strength is in the Lord. A man who pushes me to pursue to Lord daily and step out in my faith in every way of my life. A man who understands that together, we can change the atmosphere around us, because we have the Holy Spirit living in us and have absolutely nothing to fear. A man who stands firmly on the word of God.

When I look back and think about all the times I used to wish something would have worked out, I couldn’t be more thankful now that it didn’t. The relationships I could have settled for would have kept me from becoming who I am today. I’ve finally learned that the Lord wanted my first love to be Him. So that I would know who I am and whose I am and to know what it is like to have people pushing you to step out in my walk with the Lord and trusting Him in every decision. There is truly nothing like the wonder of waking up and falling more and more in love with the Lord daily. A love that will never leave me or forsake me. A love that makes me want to shout from the rooftops. A love I can give my everything to and know is preparing me to be a strong and God-fearing woman for some man out there.

So, for all you ladies out there who may happen to read this, just know all the things you have been through that have hurt and left you wishing that it somehow would have worked out. Just know that God used it to bring you to where you are and to make you that much stronger in your Faith. He is just preparing you to be a wife for some lucky man out there.


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