Welcome to my blog – where you will be able to follow me along my crazy journey and see what wonders God is working in my life!


Hi friends!!

I’m Delaney, but sometimes I get confused and think my name is Bop. Don’t ask me why though, because I don’t know either.

In addition to being confused about whether or not my name is actually Delaney or Bop, I am also a totally confused college student who is beginning to wonder about what else is out there.

You know how it goes… after so long, wondering eventually leads to the need to find the answers.

And that’s exactly what I’m doing. Finding the answers to all of my questions.

Feel free to join me by following along this blog where I will be writing about just pretty much anything going on in my world. 🙂

Say Hey!

Feel free to introduce yourself, I love making new friends! (I promise I don’t bite!!!)